The festival’s 15th anniversary is complete! From humble beginnings in 2003 with just twelve “pioneer” musicians and an ardent group of community supporters who believed in the dream, to 2017’s world class festival with some of the most internationally respected musicians around, everyone who has ever been involved can certainly take a bow!

The 2017 Northern Lights Festival de Febrero showcased some of the most amazing music and musical talent that has ever come together to grace the magical cities of Ajijic and Guadalajara. David Fung, one of North America’s most prolific artists astounded us with his superb mastery of the piano.  The Gryphon Trio was not to be missed by any music lover who is stirred by truly great musicianship, and then there’s the legendary and fantastically entertaining Quartetto Gelato from Canada that made the hairs on the back of our necks stand up. Susan Hoeppner with her magical golden flute returned, along with the ever charming soprano Patricia O’Callaghan. The marvelous Jazz Quartet that performed was headed up by the somewhat irrepressible Richard Underhill on saxophone.  If that wasn’t enough we got to experience a  far more unique instrument this year as well, as we were  honoured to have in attendance one of the most renowned and recognized accordion players in the world, Alex Sevastian.  

Some of you may not be aware of the ambitious non-performance activities that were conducted in parallel with the festival. Approximately thirty young, Mexican musicians worked throughout the year with me learning performance skills both individual and orchestral. in fact several of them were permanently in residence during the festival receiving masterclasses from festival musicians, listening in during rehearsals and learning much about musicianship and the rigors of professional performance.

Once again, thanks to all our sponsors, to our board members and volunteers, both past and present, and most notably to all of our patrons and audience members who have enthusiastically supported both the festival and the student training over these 15 years.  If you love music and wish to see this festival and its teaching program continue well into the future we urge you to enjoy the benefits of becoming a patron.  Thank you for joining us to enjoy two weeks of total music immersion with some of the best classical and jazz musicians in the world and keep in touch through this site for more information about the 16th annual Festival de Febrero presented February 16 through March 3, 2018.