Genevieve Marentette JAZZ VOCALIST

Genevieve Marentette  JAZZ VOCALIST



Canadian vocalist Genevieve (Gigi) Marentette has established herself as an illustrious jazz artist. “Gigi has always had the type of voice and stage presence that mesmerizes an audience. She is simply one of Canada’s finest singers.” Says Jaymz Bee (JAZZFM.91). 
After spending 8 years in Hong Kong and performing throughout Asia, and then a year in Europe, Genevieve returned to Toronto to collaborate with her friends and fellow artists, as well as expand her repertoire by working with new producers. Since her return, she has worked with some of Canada’s finest musicians, including Hall of Famer David Clayton-Thomas, Order of Canada Members Don Thompson, Dave Young, and Tommy Banks. 
Genevieve has also worked extensively with celebrated bassist and composer George Koller, and spent time performing with the late Don Francks. Genevieve is known for her diverse musical style, and her fearless approach to interpretation.
She grew up on Detroit’s experimental jazz and electronic music scenes and has an extensive background in Brazilian & World music, Blues, and Traditional Jazz. While she will always have a home and deep relationship with those styles, she is never afraid to branch out and try something new. In 2016, Genevieve utilized her vast experience in the music industry and became part of the Kensington Market Jazz Festival team, led by Officer of the Order of Canada, Molly Johnson. Genevieve is beloved by artists and fans around the globe, and is currently working on her next release.