7200 pesos

. . . receive tickets to all six Festival Series events, all Salon Series concerts, and two private Tea Time performances, the Gala after-party including campaign, hors d’oeuvres and dancing to the Jazz band, a special Conductor’s Circle Event, the Premier Event, and the Conductor’s Circle dinner.


Lina Aberbom
Don Aitken
Hans Peter Aull & Gabriela Arriola Woog
Eleanor Benham
Judith Boelen & Maximilien Polak
Frank & Sudie Colvett
Marilyn Cowan
Lois Cugini
Stephanie Decker
Douglas Edge
Anne Engsig & Preben Vang Nielsen
Rita Frost
Chris & John Gurin
Lorne & Wendy Hamblin
Charita Holod
Leslie Kingsbury
Elssy Losada & Bettina Bering
Ewa Lipka
Mary Paige Lucas & Dick Tremaine
Paula McTavish
Louise Morel
Janet & Alan Napper
Joyce Noriega
Betty & Jim Parker
Judy & Phil Parker
Bernice Parris
Millie Phinney
Eileen & David Rose
Longinia (Jean) Sauro
Don Taylor & Suzanne Brubacher
Joan Ward
Maureen Welch
Roseann & Tony Wilshere
Wendy & Paul Wiltshire
Jon & Stephanie Zuck